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A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study is prepared to determine physical, natural, social and cultural impacts associated with a project. It is conducted to document the following information:

  • Need for the project;
  • Benefits and impacts to the community and environment;
  • Design options; and
  • Cost.

During the study, the project team will work with the public to get input and identify the best solution. Several outreach opportunities will be provided, including:

  • Website with project updates (;
  • Newsletters;
  • Public workshops and meetings; and
  • Public Hearing.

When the study is complete, one of two recommendations is made:

  • Build Alternative
  • No-Build Alternative

The PD&E Study is expected to conclude by February 2020.

The study will consider traffic demands estimated to occur in 2045.

If a Build Alternative is selected, the next step will be the design of the roadway improvements, right-of-way acquisition followed by construction.

The project team will recommend an alternative to the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners and the Board will decide on which alternative will be implemented.

If a build alternative is selected, design, right-of-way acquisition, and construction could take five to six years. Thus, it is possible that the improvement could be completed by 2025.

The County is funding the existing PD&E Study using Mobility Fees collected from developers. Funding for future project phases will likely include some combination of county, state and federal funds.

Improving Simpson Road is a top priority of the County; however, there are limited funds to improve transportation. The County has been focusing on completion of Hoagland Boulevard, which is now funded for construction to begin approximately sometime in October 2018. Now the County is able to focus on options for improving Simpson Road moving forward.

Public input in this project is encouraged and essential for the project goals. There are multiple ways of getting involved including a public workshop, a public hearing, and online. Sign up for our email list by clicking here so you can received the project newsletters.