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Volume 2, April 2019 Newsletters Added (English & Español)

Public Meeting

Click here for information shared at the Alternatives Public Meeting on May 16th

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Study Materials

Key project materials and updates will be posted in this section and organized under the following categories:

 *Materials are accessible once available, blue hyperlink indicates available.

Project Improvement Concepts & Materials

  • Environmental Reports
  • Engineering Reports
  • Public Involvement Plan


  • Project Introduction - Volume 1, December 2018: English, Español
  • Public Meeting Notice - Volume 2, April 2019: EnglishEspañol
  • Public Hearing Notice - Volume 3, September 2019, English, Español
  • Project Results - Volume 4, January 2020, English, Español

Alternative Public Workshop Materials

    • 2035 Traffic Simulation Video


  • Minutes

Public Hearing Materials

  • Flyer/Advertisement
  • Agenda/Presentation
  • Minutes